"... is the first commercially available pill to significantly protect DNA." - Dr. Gerald H., M.D.


Forces all around us and in us—toxins, pollution, ionizing radiation, diet, and much more—cause cellular damage where DNA resides, and that spells bad news for anyone wishing to get the most out of life.  It is literally an unseen battle for your life at the cellular level, but MMF® helps your body fight these battles FAR more effectively.  With all the inescapable, invisible health risks around us everyday we have more reason now than ever to give our bodies the best possible chance of performing at peak levels.  Enter: MMF®.  The human body is a miraculous organism, and when 'feed' the proper nutrients (specifically, micronutrients) it can perform some amazing protective and restorative feats!  Don't go another day without experiencing what MMF® can do for you!        

MMF®: Created For The Battlefield of LIFE!


After September 11, 2001, important decision makers in Quantico realized that modern external protective technology (e.g. body armor, vests, helmets, etc.) does a fair job at protecting troops form 'bullets and bombs,' but these external hazards are only part of the equation when it comes to protecting men and women in harm's way from unseen battlefield health risks.  Thus, a team of medical doctors, Ph.D. research scientists and others began seeking biologic means of protecting personnel from 'the inside out'.  

The result of this team's efforts is the totally unique, pharmaceutical-grade, encapsulated micronutrient formulation supplement called MMF®, now available to you exclusively from EngageDNA, Inc.  Whether on the battleground or on the playground, threats to good health are all around us - they're odorless, invisible and can have a cumulative and life-long effect on our good health.   

To fortify our health MMF's® pharmaceutical-grade formulation of micronutrients in their natural isoform was specifically designed to support the body's protective mechanisms that safeguard our 'internal software' and other vital systems.

MMF® is a powerful, patented micronutrient formulation clinically validated to address health risks at the cellular level, and we know of no other orally-ingested micronutrient formulation shown by human clinical data to be as broadly effective as MMF®.

Don't be a victim - make MMF® part of your daily routine today and fortify yourself from the inside out!