"...the first commercially available pill to significantly protect DNA."


Threats to our health are all around us and in us—toxins, pollution, ionizing radiation, diet, lifestyle, and much more—and they cause damage to our cells (where DNA resides) resulting in less-than-optimal health.  Each day we fight for our lives at the cellular level, and the powerful micronutrients in MMF® help us fight these battles FAR more effectively than in any other way.  Period.   

Many of these threats we are bombarded with each day are invisible, odorless and unavoidable, and they have a cumulative and negative life-long effect on our health.  Naturally we want to give ourselves the best possible chance of overcoming such risks.  When the body is infused with the right COMBINATION of micronutrients in precise QUANTITIES in their natural ISOFORM (the "CQF Standard") you 'trigger' your body's protective and restorative powers.         

MMF®: For LIFE, Whether On The Battlefield Or In Your Backyard!sm


After September 11, 2001, decision makers at U.S. Marine Corps System Command (USMCSC) knew that modern external protective technologies (e.g. body armor, vests, helmets, etc.) did a great job protecting personnel form bullets and bombs, but that type of external threat was only a small part of the battlefield risks faced by our guardians of freedom.  

These concerns brought USMCSC to a world-class team of medical doctors and Ph.D. research scients in the private sector to research whether a biologic protectant could be created, one that actually worked.  The end result of many years of R&D is MMF®, the the one-of-a-kind, pharmaceutical-grade micronutrient formulation now owned by EngageDNA, Inc!

MMF® is patented and powerful.  No other orally-ingested micronutrient formulation has been shown by human clinical data to be as broadly effective as MMF®.  When you make it part of your daily routine you fortify yourself from the inside out.  Of equal importance is the affordable pricing of MMF®.   Today anyone with a desire to be healthy can enjoy the benefits of MMF®, no uniform required!


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