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What is MMF?

MMF = Military Micronutrient Formulation

  • Created for the health of soldiers by world-class physicians and scientists
    With nearly 100 years of combined medical and scientific expertise in antioxidant nutrition and genetic research, an elect Medical Advisory Team developed MMF for maximum efficacy from the cellular level on up to the fortification and renewal of all vital body systems.
  • Proven results through clinical validation as well as remarkable benefits as demonstrated in clinical trials
    During MMF's development—spanning several years and many top-tier facilities—extensive testing and clinical trials enabled a select group of our nation’s most qualified doctors to create MMF’s groundbreaking formulation. As part of a daily health regimen MMF can promote remarkable improvements in how one feels, as demonstrated in clinical trials.
  • Now, MMF is exclusively offered by Engage Global
    After continuous dialog and negotiations, Engage Global purchased the powerful Military Micronutrient Formulation and now offers MMF to all Engage Global Members and Customers.

Medical Advisory Council

Our science sets us apart

  • Micronutrient research & science
    Our team of doctors and scientists are experts in the field of micronutrient research and formulation. They are leaders in the study and testing of the impact of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant supplements on human physiology and biochemistry.
  • Oxidative stress & cell damage
    Free radicals are volatile molecules in the body that indiscriminately ravage any & all healthy body systems to ‘steal’ the electron(s) they need. High levels of these free radicals can signal the beginning of a process that significantly compromises good health. This process should activate suitable immune responses if the body has sufficient concentrations of micronutrients to do so. The one-two punch of high levels of free radicals AND deficiencies in critical micronutrients can increase the risk of poor health several fold. This condition is referred to as oxidative stress, and nothing good comes of it.
  • Boosting the body's immunity
    MMF was created to help Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors become as healthy as possible, from the inside out. Boosting the body's ability to fight oxidative stress is one of MMF’s many benefits, and now Engage Global can deliver it right to your door!

Dr. Haase explains why MMF works

Targeting Cellular Damage

What happens when you address cellular damage?


Aging processes are accelerated by the increased cellular damage that occurs with age. Reducing cell damage makes a difference.

Energy Boost

Oxidative stress drains your system of vital energy. As cells return to normal function, energy levels increase dramatically.

Reduced Inflammation

Reducing inflammation is key to good health. Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Trigger Natural Repair

As cell damage decreases, the body’s natural repair mechanisms are triggered.

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